Prices and discounts


The camping grounds are green, fenced with flowers, organised into spaces for tents, trucks and cars in all sizes, even overlanders.

All prices are excl. bus fares / motor cycle hire, entrance fee and lunch box.



Tanzanian residents with tent per person: TSH 3000/=

Tanzanian residents without tent per person: TSH 4000/=

Non-Tanzanian residents with tent per person: TSH 6000/=

Non-Tanzanian residents without tent per person: TSH 8000/=

Car parking: TSH 4000/=

Truck parking: TSH 10000/=


All persons under 18 years of age are charged half Price.

Group discount for six persons (TSH 1000/= per person)

If you stay more than three days, discount is TSH 1000/= per night



Our menu is 100% local:

BREAKFAST including fruits:

Fresh milk one cup with bread / andazi / chapati / spanish egg / boiling egg:  TSH 5000/=

Coffee: TSH 1000/=

Tea: TSH 1000/=

LUNCH AND DINNER including fruits:

(English)                                               (Swahili)

Stiff maize porridge                        Ugali

Rice                                                           Wali

French fries                                          Chipsi

Cooked bananas                               Ndizi za kupika


Meat & Vegetables

In English                                    In Swahili

Chicken                                        Kuku na chipsi, wali au ugali:  TSH 8000/=


Vegetables                                 Mbogamboga na chipsi, wali au ugali: TSH 5000/=

Chips omelet                              Chipsi mayai: TSH 5000/=

Cooked banana                          Ndizi za kupika: TSH 5000/=



Beer: TSH 2500/=

Soda: TSH 1000/=

Showers & toilets

Separate building for toilets and showers – hot water from sun heating system.

Car wash

Ask for service


Ask for service


Ask for service


Guided tours – trips

1: Ngozi crater lake: TSH 80,000/=

2: Masoko crater lake: TSH 50,000/=

3: Kaporogwe Water falls: TSH 50,000 /=

4: Malasusa waterfalls: TSH 50,000/=

5: Itete Water falls: TSH 50,000/=

6: Cooking pot: TSH 50,000/=

7: God´s bridge: TSH 50,000/=

8: Mount Rungwe: TSH 80,000/=

9: Tukuyu Town: TSH 12,000/=

10: Tea Field:  TSH 12,000/=

11: Mbambo Hotspring: TSH 80,000/=

12: Katembo Tree: TSH 50,000/=

All prices are excl. bus fares / bike hire, entrance fee and lunch box

Group discount for six persons (TSH 1,500/= per person)