About Bongo Camping

Two NGOs have been working together to develop Bongo Camping since 2006.

Facts about the partner organisations

KUMBE (Kikundi cha Utalii Mbeya), founded in 2006 as a non-governmental organization in Mbeya Region, physical offices opened in 2007 at Kibisi Village, Tukuyu Town, at the grounds of Bongo Camping.

Contact KUMBE:  Contact the board of KUMBE at bongocamping@gmail.com

Postal address: Kikundi cha Utalii Mbeya (KUMBE) P.O.Box 696 Tukuyu-Mbeya, Tanzania, Phone no: +255 732 951 763 / +255 783 402 778, email: bongocamping@gmail.com. Kikundi cha Utalii Mbeya (KUMBE), registration no. 11NGO/1844, TIN no. 105-685-920.

BDT (Bongo Development Tourism), founded in 2006 as a non-governmental organization in Denmark.

Contact BDT: Contact the board of BDT at bdtbestyrelse@gmail.com

Current visions of the partners

1. To bring Bongo Camping to a state of independent and sustainable economy.

2. Without compromising point 1. projects should be carried out in the local societies, where Kumbe is socially engaged, in the fields of – Prevention HIV from spreading – Preserving the environment – Education in language and computer

Values shared by the partners

1. Sustainability in economy, environment and socially is core values in our cooperation.

2. We strive for equal cooperation between Kumbe and BDT and between females and males.

3. Openness and honesty are core values in our cooperation and therefore we agree to mutual obligations of keeping each other informed about each other’s activity.

Languages of communication

The partners communicate using Swahili and English, preferably Swahili because this language – now spoken by more than one hundred million people – is especially important in its ability to connect with the marginalized in society, including rural women and young people throughout East and Central Africa.